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New Zealand Native Birds

Our birds range in size from 8 cm (Black Robin) to 15 cm (Kokako).

Fantail Piwakawaka Fantail Found in gardens, and bush trails following trampers.
Tui Tui Parsonbird Familiar sight in the bush and suburban gardens.
Wood Pigeon Kereru Woodpigeon Rapidly becoming an endangered bird.
Weka Weka Woodhen Mostly found in the South Island.
Kakapo Kakapo Large N.Z. parrot The world's most endangered bird.
Kingfisher Kotare Kingfisher Quite a common sight on riverbanks and gardens with ponds !
Kokako Kokako Blue-wattled Crow Endangered - Very small numbers of North Island Kokako are found in isolated pockets.
Moreporks Ruru Morepork (N.Z. Owl) A familiar sound in the bush areas at night.
Takahe Takahe Giant flightless Moorhen Endangered - Now fewer than 160 survive in the Murchison ranges in Fiordland today.
Kea Kea Alpine parrot Quite a scavenger. Popular with tourists.
Saddleback Tieke Saddleback Still on the endangered list - these birds are plentiful on many off-shore islands. .
Pukeko Pukeko Swamphen A familiar sight on farmlands and sides of the road.
Yellow-eyed Penguins Hoiho Yellow-eyed Penguin Endangered - is probably the world’s rarest penguin.
Little Blue Penguin Korora Little Blue Penguin Relatively common.
North Island Robin Tutouwai North Island Robin Not very common. Not frightened of people, will come quite close.
Stitchbird Hihi Stitchbird Endangered - numbers have begun increasing.
Chatham Island Black Robin   Chatham Island
Black Robin
Endangered - One of the rarest birds in the world. A NZ conservation success story.

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