Leapfrog Bowl

Due to the nature of Raku colours vary. Also, being handmade, sizes must be approximate.
Double Gecko Log Two geckos on a log 20 cm long.
Double Frog Log Two frogs on a log. 25 cm long
Leapfrog Bowl Leapfrog bowl - copper. 10 cm high
Geckos in a log Three geckos in a log. 14 cm high.
Frog trinket box Frog trinket box. 5 cm high
Gecko on a vine A gecko on a vine - wallhanging. 25cm x12 cm
Hochstetter frog Hochstetter frog on rocks with lichen. 8 cm x 5 cm
Single gecko log One gecko on a log. 12 cm long
Frog wallpot Round frog wallpot with lichen. 12 cm wide
Geckos on a log Two geckos on a log - wallhanging. 16 cm long
Lilypad frog Lilypad frog. 5 cm wide
Triple Gecko log Three geckos on a log. 30 cm long

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