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The Tui, also known as a Parson Bird due to the tuft of white under its chin, may look black in colour but its plumage contains a spectrum of metallic hues which shimmer and change with the light. It's bell like sounds and notes are sung so rapidly together that they sound like chimes and gongs and it is able to mimic other bird calls or even human speech. The Tui is a honeyeater which means that it uses its long beck to gather nectar but it also eats fruit and invertebrates like cicadas and stick insects.

The early Maoris taught them how to talk and used their wonderful plumage for their ceremonial cloaks. The Tui can be attracted into your garden with flowering trees such as Kowhai, Kaka Beak and NZ Flax. When flowers are not available they can be attracted with sugar-water.