Wendy has been working with clay, in one form or another, for some 20 years. A very successful domestic ware potter, a member of Pots of Ponsonby for 10 years, and a recipient of a 'merit'award of the prestigious Fletcher Challenge Exhibition, Wendy returned to teaching 10 years ago.
Unable to resist working in a creative field, Wendy specialised in teaching art to children. Eventually this became full-time and included adults and evening classes.

The opportunity to start pottery on a commercial basis again, came while spending more time with her sister. Ideas started flowing on how they might work together. The partnership they formed is now the basis for a very innovative, and productive family business.

Mary-Ann only recently returned to art, being persuaded by Wendy to at least 'try' exploring the possibilities of clay.

Working from the pottery based in the foothills of the Auckland Waitakeres, Mary-Ann and her sister Wendy create native wildlife for art galleries throughout New Zealand. Mary-Ann has established a reputation as New Zealand's "lizard lady" producing evocative forms and shapes with her native reptiles.

An avid reader, the artist has long been a fan of the McCaffrey Dragonrider series, and almost 20 years ago started a love affair with dragons that has culminated in her new direction in sculpture.

Mary-Ann was a business facilitator before turning to pottery. Her skills in marketing and business development have created a professional image to meet the commercial needs of their retailers.

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