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We are no longer selling our work.

Raku pottery was a challenge we couldn't resist and we have experimented with the techniques over the last three years. We are now making available our range of handcrafted native birds and animals. These capture the essence of New Zealand's unique wildlife.

We originally set out to produce examples of native New Zealand birds. The challenge was to successfully portray the subtlety of colour that typifies New Zealand wildlife which led us to develop rich, vibrant glazes. Our range covers most of the species listed as either threatened or endangered and has now expanded to include insects, geckos, frogs, seals and dolphins.

After many experiments we have achieved a depth of colour that gives a surface character that is warm, inviting, subtle and beautiful. The spontaneous nature of raku makes each piece unique. It produces a work of art that is special, that invites you to touch and hold and to contemplate the wonder of creatures that enrich our lives but are so near to extinction.

The continuing evolution of our work and the very nature of the raku technique means that the pieces you purchase will be unique. The images shown on these pages are beautiful and typical of our range - yours will be as beautiful, but not identical.

Mary-Ann and I would appreciate feedback on our work. Please feel free to comment and ask questions! Email Wendy or Mary-Ann

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