What we do

Chris Gaelic - owner of Netlist

In early 1996 when Netscape 1 was just becoming popular, Chris Gaelic saw the potential of the newly emerging Internet and left his information technology job at Fisher and Paykel to start up Netlist and focus on developing internet applications to power websites.

Right from the start, the company was driven by the following key principles:

  • Quality Content is the most important requirement for any web page. Pretty graphics, clever animations, java applets etc., are not going to bring viewers back. Viewers will only come back if the site is useful.
  • Special effects can have a very important place in a web site, but only when they add value to the content.
  • A web site must be affordable to create and keep up to date. We believe that, where-ever possible, the best person to keep a web site up-to-date is the owner of the site.

There have been massive changes in the Internet since then, with faster speed, and massive improvements in web browsers and development enviroments. Evolving web standards and best practises for security have become paramount. For a long time screen sizes were getting bigger, and now we're providing for mobile devices with tiny screens as well.

In this heady environment, Netlist has been quietly focussing on it's core business - building websites and online applications tailored to meet the needs of our customers, and allowing them to manage their own online presence. We were among the first to develop a content management system, and we provided 'cloud' solutions for our business clients long before the 'cloud' became a buzz-word. We were doing 'business-to-business' data sharing long before xml standards evolved to make it easy.

Our 'CommunityBuilder' content management tools make it easy to manage your own website, and we have used them to set up community websites throughout Northland - providing communities with a way of promoting themselves on websites which they own and can keep up-to-date. You can see links to all of these on our More Websites page.

Today, we continue to focus on what we do best - providing cost effective, owner-managed websites and web applications for our customers. Some of our larger customers are:

CRV Logo NZ Farmers Logo Leader Products Logo Cuisan Logo Allflex Logo Zeetags Logo The Development Foundation Logo Halliwell Shoes Logo Native Plant Nursery Logo RV Explorer Logo

This is often a collaborative effort, where we work together with other graphic designers, or contract out specialist skills, to achieve the best possible result for our customers. The advantage in this approach is that our customers can benefit from using the same graphics team that they may have already used for establishing their branding. To date,we have worked together with:

Making Waves Logo Big Fish Logo Folders Logo Creative Council Logo Different Design Logo

We enjoy a challenge - whether it's creating a complex e-commerce website with business-to-business data sharing, or a simple website that presents your business effectively to the rest of the world. We can introduce to you great graphic designers, help you with the all important search engine optimisation, as well as all the other important details you need to address in order to promote your business or organisation online.

We're only a phone call (ph: (09) 577-2277) or mouse-click away.