Jeanette Vickers



   Since Jeanette's recent showing on “This Town”  TV 1, she has been inundated with enquiries, which has been absolutely fantastic, but as the weather has not been kind for taking new photographs, she is a little anxious that there won’t be enough time to replenish her stock.  She has to remind herself that summers coming and this is the season that she takes most of her photographs.


Jeanette's all consuming passion is the weather, and what is the tide doing.  It is only when these two things come together can she get the photographs she wants.  Water is the perfect subject for photography, and the seas colours and wave patterns are endless. 

All Jeanette’s photographs are taken in and around Mangawhai Heads, Picnic Bay.



·     Jeanette Couriers all over NZ and the World. Email or phone her for a quote or for a specific size

·     All photographs are originals and will not be reproduced. They are giclee (Fine Art Print Quality Prints) and are stretched over a wooden frame ready to hang.

·     All photographs featured here have the ability to be printed to 1 metre X  85cm approx $770.  The usual size is 60cm x 45cm approx. $250

·     Jeanette is very happy to show her canvases and her latest photos.

Just ring 09 431 5668 or email for an appointment