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Ninety Mile Beach


A trip up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga is a highlight of a trip to the Far North of New Zealand. The beach is a designated roadway and various tourist buses shuttle visitors along the windswept, moody stretch of coast to the dramatic rocky cape. 


Ninety Mile Beach and Cape Reinga are part of the Aupori Peninsula at the northernmost point of New Zealand. The Maori call it Te Hika or the tail of the fish, part of the legend of Maui hauling up the North Island or the fish from the sea while in his canoe (the South Island).


Cape Reinga is the northernmost accessible point on the peninsula. Maori legend has this place as the Place of Leaping where the souls of the dead depart to the ancestors in Hawaiiki.


Ninety Mile Beach is actually a 64 mile beach running along the western coast of the peninsula. There are specially designed buses for carrying visitors along the hard packed sand at the edge of the beach into the softer "quicksands" of Te Paki stream before returning to the road.  


Make sure if you do book a tour from Kaitaia that it includes a spot of bodyboarding on the giant sand dunes along the beach, you grab hold of a small surfboard and launch yourself down the dunes for an exhilarating if gritty experience!