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Kaipara District Council Key Financial Statistics 2010
Quick Statistics for Kaipara District


From The Commissioners 


Dec 2012 Letter to Residents and Ratespayers

30 October 2012 Letter to Residents and Ratespayers

18 September 2012 Commissioners Send Open Letter



Local Government Act 2002

In particular read:


Sections 43 - 47 (Legal Liability)

Sections 76 - 84 (Decision Making)

Sections 93 - 96 (Long Term Plan)


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Kaipara Concerns

Kaipara District Council

Kaipara Konnection - A Weekly Alternative Views Online Newsletter

* Mangawhai Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc.

* National Database of Residents Associations

Office of the Auditor General

Local Councils

National Residents' Associations Database


Newspaper and Other Articles:


06 May 2013 Northern Advocate

Plan to recruit in house experts


03 May 2013 Northern Advocate

Kaipara bill step closer


03 May 2013 Northern Advocate

Court case holds up $1m project


26 April 2013 Northern Advocate

Implications of defence wide


07 Apri; 2013 NZ Herald

Deadly toll claimed in Kaipara rates war


22 Mar 2013 Northern Advocate

Advocate group seeks judicial review


15th Mar 2013 Northern Advocate

Minister sidesteps ratepayers' stoush


15th Mar 2013 Northern Advocate

Kaipara rates may rise by 9 3pc


02 March 2013 NZ Herald

Kaipara ratepayers want their council bankrupted


23 February 2013 Northern Advocate

CEO payout raises more questions


19 February 2013 Northern Advocate

Anger may sink Kaipara hopes


07 February 2013 Northern Advocate

Kaipara to get update on council mess


25 January 2013 Northern Advocate

Explain the $240,000 - Rogan


23 January 2013 Northern Advocate

CEO Jack McKerchar got $240k to leave job early


22 January 2013 Kaipara Concerns



11 December 2012 NZ Herald

Lawyer blasts rates increases


24 November Northern Advocate

Ratepayers stand ground under threat


04 November New Zealand Herald
Stalemate in Kaipara rates protest


03 November New Zealand Herald

Inside Kaipara's ratepayers revolt


03 November New Zealand Herald

Kaipara rates rebellion grows


02 November 2012 Northern Advocate

Cash bailout now not needed


29 October 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara draft report shows $10.6m deficit


21 September 2012 Northern Advocate

Rates fury but bills on the way


09 September 2012

The Troika's trip to Dargaville


07 September 2012 Northern Advocate

CEO's payout probed after complaint


06 September 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara duties change today


29 August 2012 NZ Herald

Govt to replace councillors of indebted Kaipara Council


29 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Injured mayor to miss crucial rates decider


27 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara council endorses plans


22 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara council report in hands of Carter


22 August 2012 OAG Website

Auditor-General publishes letters sent to Kaipara District Council


21 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara CEO quit council with $240,000


16 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Critics happy 'deck' has been cleared


14 August 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara council to stand down


13 August 2012 New Zealand Herald

New management for indebted Kaipara District Council


13 August 2012 Northland Stuff

Commissioners installed in Kaipara


25 July 2012 Kaipara Lifestyler

New rates struck for Kaipara


25 July 2012 Dargaville and District News

Rates shock ahead


24 Juy 2012 Northern Advocate

New review of debt woes


22 July 2012 New Zealand Herald

Kaipara rebels say proposed rates hike still too high


18 July 2012 Kaipara Lifestyler

Taharoa Domain Board dissatisfaction


13 July 2012 Northern Advocate

Doubt spurs member to quit


12 July 2012 Northern Advocate

Backtrack on rates penalty


12 June 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara decisions on hold


11June 2012 Northern Advocate

2900 want say on plan for Kaipara


14 May 2012 Northern Advocate
Mayor wants end to forced rises

09 May 2012 Kaipara Lifestyler
Cr Geange Claims Misinformation over Debt

07 May 2012 Northern Advocate

Kaipara ratepayers face 31% rate rise

03 May 2012 Rodney Times

Mayor flushes claims of wastewater blowout


02 May 2012 Kaipara Lifestyler
Resignation demand over rates rise

09 April 9, 2012 Northern Advocate
Complaint looms over KDC


11 March 2012 TVNZ News

Figures show councils borrowing billions



Radio New Zealand
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15 Mar 2013 Kaipara rescue package put forward

23 Jan 2013 Kaipara council reveals CEO severance pay

03 Dec 2012 Kaipara commissioners to consider legal opinion on rates

30 Nov 2012 Legal Opinion Supports Rates Rebels

08 Oct 2012 Kaipara Commissioners hold first meeting

18 Sep 2012 Kaipara ratepayers sceptical about commissioners

30 Aug 2012 Anger boils over at last Kaipara District council meeting

29 Aug 2012 Govt sacks Kaipara District Council

27 Aug 2012 Queries over cheque signing authority of former CEO's partner

22 Aug 2012 Kaipara mayor hopes to resovle debt crisis

21 Aug 2012 Mayor Refuses to Comment on payout

21 Aug 2012 Debt-ridden council paid $240,000 to former boss

20 Aug 2012 Mangawhai ratepayers call in forensic auditor

20 Aug 2012 MRRA commission forsensic auditor  (5.34 mins into file)

14 Aug 2012 Doubts whether Commissioner will solve debt crisis

14 Aug 2012 Democracy dead in the Kaipara says Deputy Mayor

04 Jul 2012 Lawyer says new rate in Kaipara is illegal

04 Jul 2012 Lawyer says Audit NZ should help foot council debt 

29 Jun 2012 More Kaipara council rating errors revealed

29 Jun 2012 Ministerial review team meets troubled Kaipara Council

31 May 2012 Govt steps in to help debt-laden Kaipara council

31 May 2012  Ron Manderson talks to Mike Hosking about the Government stepping in to help KDC

31 May 2012 Mayor changes tack on Mangawhai debt

30 May 2012 Govt to help Kaipara District Council

30 May 2012  Mayor talks about the Government helping KDC

22 May 2012 Debt-ridden council signals back down

17 May 2012 Call to support Mangawhai residents over steep rates rise

16 May 2012 Kaipara Ratepayers Call For Mayor to Resign

16 May 2012  Community Groups and KCRA meet in Dargaville

15 May 2012 Federated Farmers challenge rates increases

14 May 2012: Govt urged to intervene over planned rates increase (Rogan/Geange Interview)

14 May 2012: Ratepayers Revolt Threatened in Mangawhai

13 May 2012 Mangawhai ratepayers warn of rates revolt

12 May 2012 Mangawhai residents march against steep rate rise

07 May 2012: Massive rate increase looms for Kaipara.

04 May 2012 Plan for higher rates will hit farmers, foresters - lobbyist Bill Guest

23 Feb 2012 Ratepayers claim council borrowing was illegal

23 Feb 2012 Mangawhai ratepayers say rates error tip of iceberg

21 Feb 2012 Kaipara District council accused of "financial incompetence"

21 Feb 2012 Northland farmer wants local council dissolved


Radio Live


15 Aug 2011 Council debt spirals out of control

31 May 2012 Kaipara District Council has Central Government involved in it's running


Newstalk ZB


22 Jun 2012 Clear message to lower debt - Kaipara District Council

31 May 2012 Government agrees to help Kaipara council

31 May 2012 Ron Manderson talks to Mike Hosking about the Government stepping in to help KDC

16 Feb 2012 Unlawful reaping of $9.5 million in rates




May 30, 2012 
Govt goes to aid of debt-laden Kaipara council


April 30, 2012 
Mangawhai residents fuming over rate hike


TV 3


23 July 2012

Kaipara Council 'running on luck'


13 June 2010

Local governments have 'low level' of debt


20 May 2012

Government puts pressure on councils


13 May 2012

Thousands protest rate increases in Mangawhai


11 May 2012 

Mangawhai residents furious at council expenditure





30 Nov 2010 Kai Iwi Lakes campground destroyed


Other Articles


2006 Statement of Proposal – Mangawhai EcoCare

Review Team report to the Minister of Local Goverment

The Trojan Horse











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