Handy Tools for  Computer Users

A few suggestions you may wish to consider:

1. Install PC Decrapifier – this will detect and remove all the unwanted trial programs that came pre-installed with your machine. Get rid of the rubbish.

2. Install Firefox – it’s an alternative browser to Internet Explorer .

3.  Its a great idea to set up two email accounts one
Use one for your contacts and the other for registering on sites etc. Cuts down the spam.
To keep spam down  further you could generate a temporary email address from and enter without sharing your main email.

4. You will soon find it very hard to remember all those passwords so get try KeepPass .

5. Laptop Alarm software that will emit a loud sound if someone tries to shut down your computer or remove the power cable.

6. If you do not wish to purchase Microsoft Office  unistall any trial version and switch over to Google Docs . Alternatively you can use Open Office  another very good open source office program.

7. Can't open some files? Go to and convert the file that your computer can open.

8. If the computer containsprograms you rarely use instalol Revo Uninstaller to get rid of them.

9. Lost something or deleted something by mistake? Recuva may help you recover  erased files. It could work with the memory card of your digital camera.

10. If the computer is not able to play some of  your  DVDs- download the VLC player and the DVDs will probably play fine.

11. Open an account at PayPal and link it to your main credit card will make online shopping easier and safer.

12. Download Skype – it lets you make calls from the computer to any landline or mobile phone at much cheaper rates. You can also use Skype to have video chats with your mates for free.

13. If you have bill receipts and business cards or records lying in the closet or a magazine clip you want to share, just take a picture of them and transfer them to the computer with Evernote

14. You may also want to download FlashGet for downloading big files from the Internet.