If you have not already connected to Skype we really recommend that you consider it. If you have friends or family around the country or the world it is a fantastic way to keep in touch. You can talk for free and with a webcam and a broadband connection you have free video feed.

If your friends or loved ones do not have a computer or are not connected to the Internet you can also pay for a telephone service to landlines at very good rates.

The program can be downloaded for free at Just follow the instructions and you will be video conferencing in no time!


To fully  enjoy the service you will require speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. Most modern laptops generally have these features as standard. If you need to purchase the accessories you can outfit yourself relatively inexpensively. The better quality of webcam the better the picture and you need to consider whether you require a camera with a built in micrphone or not.

Common problems include:

1. Skype blocked by firewall
2. Can't connect to Skype
5. Skype Error #6101, "Problem with playback device"
6. Skype Error #6102, "Problem with recording device"
7. Skype Error #10403
8. Bandwidth problems with video
9. PC crashes with video
10. The other person can't hear me
11. Skype add-in crashes Internet Explorer
12. Video not working with webcam
13. Relayed transfer causing problems
14. Getting echo on calls
15. Need help deleting and recreating shared.xml to improve sound quality
16. Virus or spyware infection interfering with Skype installation
17. Frequent pop-ups and/or warnings that my PC is infected with a virus
18. Voice quality degradation due to wireless network signal quality