Photo Editing Software


The beauty of digital images is the ability to make changes and improve your photo using photo editing. No longer do you need to be an expert to make that family snap into something memorable. You do not need expensive lighting and developing. What you need is good photo editing software that brings the photo lab into the office or home.

There are a number of very good photo editing products worth considering. If you really want the best in our opinion Adobe Photoshop Elements or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo are the choice but also the most expensive. Contact us and we can provide you with some idea of price.

However, there are a number of free photo editing products easily downloadable from the Internet. There are usually a few proviso's having to provide information through a registration process or endure a few adverts. But, hey! Its free!

Here is a few we think are worth your consideration.

1. Photoscape: An easy to use photo editing program while having a a lot of features. It is a popular choice. It has limitations being only able to work on one image at a time so montages and multiple image fades are not possible but it will do most of what the average person will want. We have not found spyware but the website does display a few text ads. Its one of the better freeware offers and worth a look.

Note: Be careful where you download it from as some charge and its supposed to be FREE! Use this link photoscape

2. Paint.NET: Easy for most people to use. Limited functions but does feature some powerful tools. Far better than the Microsoft paint program and it continues to be updated and improved. To download Paint.NET

3. GIMP: Probably the most powerful free photo editor. Often described as the "free photoshop" it has a steep learning curve to match. If you can't afford photoshop it is a quite good alternative but those that are familiar with adobe photoshop will find it a little off the pace. If you are willing to invest the time to learn how it works it is certainly worth a go. Download link.