Microsoft Add-ins

Microsoft Outlook email service that makes email management easier to use. Here is afew you may wish to consider:

1.  Sender Time Zone
If your friends or contacts work in different time zones, you will find the Sender Time Zone add-on helpful. This will show you the current local time of the sender and the difference between your time zone and that of the sender.

2. Jott
With Jott, you can interact with Outlook using voice-commands.

3. SpyPig
This an email tracking service. You get a 'read' receipt as soon as someone opens your email as long as they have their images enabled.

6. Desktop Search
Copernic Desktop Search, Google Desktop Search  are good search programs that also index your Outlook Email.

7. Sidebar Outlook gadget
Helps you both check new emails and read existing mails without having to open Outlook.

8. Desk Task
A freeware utility that puts your Outlook tasks and calendar for the whole week on the desktop.

9. Remove Duplicate Items
ODIR is a free add-on that that removes duplicate items from Outlook. It will store the duplicate items in a subfolder so you can check them before permanent deletion.

10. PF Backup
This backup tool creates backup copies of your Outlook emails. Just choose folders that you want to backup, select the frequency of backup and all your emails will be regularly saved to another PST file automatically.=