Camera Accessories: Essential Items For Your Camera Bag

A good camera bag should offer more than just great protection for your photography equipment. Your camera bag should be sturdy, easy to open and close and have plenty of room for all of your accessories. Once you’ve chosen the right camera bag, fill it with the all the supplies that you’ll need for your next photo shoot.

Camera Bag Essentials
When packing your camera bag for a shoot, some items are essential to have while others are good to have just in case anything goes wrong. Read the following list for suggestions about camera bag essentials.

Whether you’re using a 35mm camera or a digital camera, you should always have spare batteries with you. This is especially true with digital cameras that tend to have shorter battery lives. With a digital camera, you can typically plan on about two hours of power or about 150 shots before you will need a freshly charged battery.

Spare Memory Cards
If you’ve ever run out of film, you know how frustrating it can be to miss a good shot.  If you’re using a digital camera, extra memory cards are fairly inexpensive these days and will keep you from having to delete photos before processing to make room for more.

Lens Cloth
Before you start shooting pictures with your camera, make sure that it’s lens is clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any fingerprints or dust that may transfer to your lens or LCD screen before and while shooting.

Extras That Can Make a Big Difference
Having the basic items like batteries and memory cards may be all that you need in most circumstances. However, packing a few more supplies can make the difference between good and great photos. Here is a look at some additional items that you should add to your camera bag.

Mini Tripod: A mini tripod can fold up and fit into most camera bags. A tripod allows you to position, stabilize and support your camera during shooting.

Rain Gear: Nothing is more damaging to a camera than water. Always have several plastic bags or shower caps in your bag to cover your photography equipment during rainy photo sessions. Rubber bands are also a must as they hold the plastic tight to your camera, giving you the freedom to continue shooting through the rain.

Specialty Lenses: Telephoto and wide-angle lenses are two of the more popular camera accessories. These extra lenses will give you more options when taking advanced or action photos.

Battery Charger: This is another popular item for digital camera owners. If you’re on an extended trip, being able to recharge your batteries each evening will allow you to continue to shoot at will the next day.