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Owen McShane Dies Suddenly
A great intellect, a great battler, and a great Northlander
by Ian Walker

Owen McShane was an RMA consultant, columnist, and planning expert. He was also a regular and popular blogger and commentator. The association with Farmers of New Zealand goes back nearly two decades and Owen has been an invaluable member of our team attempting to bring commonsense to both the Resource Management Act and regional and district plans. 


Often criticised by his own  planning profession and by many politicians because his ideas where not always considered mainstream he made perfect sense to those who believed in personal freedom, a strong economy, as well as a healthy environment. Despite the many hurdles Owen never relented from what he believed was a better way of doing things. Even in ill health he was arguing and debating issues til the day he died.


In our opinion New Zealand would be a far better place today if more of his planning concepts had been adopted. Known as a battler for better implementation of the Resource Management Act at both a national and local level he helped us defeat the Far North District Council's first district plan forcing its withdrawl. He provided invaluable assistance over many years including exposing the recent problems with the current proposed Kaipara District Plan and the inepitude of that district council.


Author of many papers and a regular international keynote speaker Owen is a loss to both Northland and the country. I will miss our regular conversations and his immense intellect and knowledge. He was passionate about New Zealand and worked tirelessly to make our country a better place to live. 


We all owe him a debt of gratitude and he will be sorely missed.


You can read Owen's last article here

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